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I’m Amir, I currently live in Tabriz, Iran.

I am a geek(or a geeky nerd) since I saw a computer for the very first time, I am a blogger since 2006 and my first coding experience was in first grade of high school. After years, when I was a BS student I started to work as a freelance web developer in PHP and related technologies and I have developed some android apps too, frankly speaking, they were awful. I have learned a lot about development and software engineering during these years and I made so many mistakes so far and they are the best achievements in my career to noot repeat them. These days I am continuing my education on an MS degree in Mechatronics Engineering. I love anything related to computers, especially software. I have basic knowledge about AI, ML, DL, and ANN in practice and I am so eager to learn more and use my knowledge about anything related to them and in general, software engineering.

Who am I? #

  • full-stack web developer
  • backend developer
  • hacker(not the mainstream meaning)

Who not am I? #

  • frontend developer
  • sysadmin
  • DevOps
  • data scientist

I love Linux, Docker and Go. I do not like C# and almost everything about Micro$oft. I like Java, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.

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